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Dr. Chi's Areas of Expertise

Dr. Chi has the best of both worlds!

Trained as a Family Medicine physician, her education left her equipped to treat children, adults, elderly and pregnant women. Providing services and procedures to wide range of patients, giving her a broad skill set. During her training at the University of South Florida, she developed a special interest for the hospital and coordinating care there.

She valued the process of initially seeing a sick patient, to the progress of them getting better with the appropriate diagnosis and precise treatment plan.

This led her to practice as a hospitalist: a physician who specializes in the care of patient while in the hospital.  As a hospitalist, Dr. Chi is responsible for diagnosing a wide variety of diseases and managing complex medical situations.  She coordinates care among several different specialists to meet the needs of her patients.


Her training as a Family Medicine physician gives her an advantage, in which she is able to approach many illnesses from a holistic point of view. Targeting the health and wellness of the patient, and understanding not just the needs of her patients, but the needs of their families as well.

Dr. Chi’s overall area of expertise is the genuine caring nature she exudes to each and every patient.

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